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Supplies, solutions and innovations for the dental practice.

International Dental Show Besides the excellent opportunities it provides to make new contacts, offers the entire infrastructure and comprehensive services of , one of the world's four largest trade fair companies. You will find everything to make your stay during the event as comfortable and productive as possible. Conveniently located parking lots, train stations and airports make easily accessible; computer-aided information systems allow for speedy orientation.

International dental trade show: devices for physical therapy

At the international dental trade show, dentists and surgeons can find accessories for lighting systems and accessories for practice furniture, air compressors and amalgam separators. Ambient lights and analgetics as well as new antibiotics are shown at this international trade fair. Antiseptiques and oral disinfectants for dental surgery als well as bite registration devices, bite registration functional analysis and bite registration instruments can be tested at the different stands. New bite registration materials and new bleaching methods and bleaching systems are also presented. Bonding and bone replacement materials also belong to the products represented at the . For surgeries, surgeons and dentists can find cabinets for treatment area, CAD/CAM systems for dental treatment and innovation in the caries research. Ceramic abrasives and chairs for chairs for dental treatment, as well as color selection devices and color shade guides can be found at the international dental trade fair. Composite and compressors belong every surgery, as well as connecting parts for supra reconstructions and cotton rolls or tampon strips. Cupsiders for dental treatment and dental aesthetics, the latest state of the art dental equipment systems, dental floss and dental materials can be seen.

Dental materials, dental plaque and dental units

Dentist's and dental assistant's elements are shown at the international fair for dental equipment. This includes diamond instruments, dosing and mixing devices, electrical toothbrushes, electrosurgical devices, endodontic measuring devices, endodontic motor systems and endodontic preparations for diagnotics.

Desensitizers and diagnostic devices

For dental surgery, evacuation cannulaes, evacuation equipment and examination instruments. Filling instruments, filling materials and dental finishers as well as fixing materials are presented at the . Represenatives for furniture for waiting-rooms, general pharmaceuticals for dental treatment and innovations in the gingivitis can be discussed at the international dental conference. For dental treatment, haemostatics and hand instruments are displayed. Handpieces and hydrocolloid conditioners are shown at the . Innovations and trends of imaging systems and implantation instruments for oral surgery, as well as implantation navigation devices and implantation products and implantation systems for implants. The latest state of the art of impression materials and impression trays, injection cannulae and injection instruments are displayed at the world's largest dental trade fair. Instrument stands and interdental brushes, intraoral cameras and laser devices as well as light polymerisation devices and lighting systems and liners for dental practice equipment are demonstrated at the most important dental trade show. abrebocas para ortodoncia accesorios de radiografia dentista accesorios de radiografia odontologia accesorios para aparatos odontotecnicos accesorios para muebles de consulta medica accesorios para sistemas de iluminacion dentista accountancy adaptadores ortodoncia adaptadores dentista adaptadores odontologia adhesivo para protesis dental adhesivos dentales al por mayor agentes protectores pulpa dental agujas para ortodoncia analgesicos al por mayor analgesicos uso dental anestesicos locales al por mayor anestesicos uso dental antihemorragicos uso dental antisepticos uso dental aparatos de analgesia para ortodoncia aparatos radiologia dental aparatos anestesia ortodoncia aparatos de congelacion dentista aparatos de congelacion odontologia aparatos de 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and desinfection devices complejos odontoyatricos conductos para expulsion saliva conferencia cirujia maxilofacial conferencia implantologia conferencia internacional cirujia maxilofacial conferencia internacional implantologia conferencia internacional odontologia conferencia internacional ortodontologia conferencia internacional periodontologia conferencia odontologia conferencia ortodontologia conferencia periodontologia congreso cirujia maxilofacial congreso implantologia congreso internacional cirujia maxilofacial congreso internacional implantologia congreso internacional odontologia congreso internacional ortodontologia congreso internacional periodontologia congreso odontologia congreso ortodontologia congreso periodontologia consulting.html consultoria clinica_dental consultoria consulta dentista consultoria dentista consultoria odontologia contabilidad clinica_dental contabilidad consulta dentista contabilidad dentista contabilidad_odontologia contenedores desperdicios 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telephone and fax tratamientos dentales tray and other container systems tv programmes two way intercom systems ultrasonic cleaning devices unidades dentales uslugi utensilios de reconstruccion utensilios e instrumentos rotatorios vestuario laboral dentista vestuario profesional dentista video water disinfection zakres dentystyczny href="http://messe-k.onlineversandkatalog.de/1/com/ Whitening Work a and auxiliary materials for dental treatment Working stools X-ray chairs Ultrasonic/Sonic handpieces Visual Systems Vitality testing devices Waste disposal systems Turbines Ultrasonic Ultrasonic devices Ultrasonic instruments Tungsten carbide instruments Toothpastes Tooth cleaning instruments Temporary sealants Surgical instruments Surgical motor systems Suture materials Tartar Special contra-angles Special devices Steel instruments Supra reconstructions Scalpels Sealants Sonic instruments Spatula Root canal anchors Root canal instruments Root canal points (Guttapercha) Rotary instruments Radiographic protective items Reception furniture Resins for temporary crowns and bridges Retention anchors and pins Radiographic film development equipment Radiographic film holders Radiographic film viewers Radiographic films Radiographic devices Radiographic chemicals Radiographic accessories (teleradiographic devices etc.) Pulp protecting materials Profilactic equipment Prophylactic remedies (e.g. with fluorides) Prophylaxis/Dental and oral hygiene Pulp protecting agents Polymerization Powder jet devices Practice furniture Products for emergency cases Photographic systems Plaque detectors Polishhing materials Polymerisation Patient information work a Periodontal instruments Periodontal remedies Pharmaceuticals Oscillating instruments Other equipment elements Parapulpal pins Patient chairs Operating lights Oral irrigation Oral irrigators Orthodontic instruments Mixing bowls Motors and handpieces Occlusion test work a Onlay Measuring instruments Micro motors Microscopes Magnifiers Local anaesthetics Manual toothbrushes matrix holders Matrix systems , the International Dental Show in Cologne, is the world’s leading trade fair for the dental sector. And in 2005 the fair will once again generate momentum while paving the way for pioneering advances, demonstrating its role as a successful presentation platform and meeting place for all decision-makers in the dental-medicine market. The entire global market is reflected in the unique range of products at . All of the target groups in the world of dentistry come together here: Dental medicine Dental technology Prevention of infection and maintenance Service, systems and equipment for information, communication and organization The next , which will be held for the 31st time, will be able to look back on more than 80 years of experience and once again looks set to be the summit meeting of the international dental sector. messe messe messe